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Let’s get down to business.

To outbid the huns!

Here I have some figures

and some facts and sums!

It’s the saddest lot you’ve ever bought

but if you bet on this one too

Mister I’ll

make you a buck

or two

Business man!
We must be swift as the stock exchanges
Business man!
With all the force of a great tycoon 

Business man!

With all the strength of a thriving market

Mysterious as the Romney’s revenues!

I’m never gonna get this back

Say good bye to my salary 

Boy was I fool in school for cutting STATS

This guy’s got them scared to death

Hope he doesn’t see my assets 

Now I really wish I knew how to add! 

Yall probly gon crucify me for this but fuck it.

Im sick of these women parading around tumblr talking about the rights they dont have, in all seriousness, black males have it harder than any cis female ESPECIALLY if you are any kind of white.

I’m really tired of hearing all these women whine and complain about how hard they have it and how badly they want equality. Yet when people want to pass laws preventing you from abusing the system its time to get up in arms because thats not fair, anytime someone is willing to give you something however you are right there and all for it.

Thats the kind of thing third wave feminism says, thats the kind of shit that movement does. Currently rape’s defined as fucking penetration, and feminists were the fucking people responsible, not to mention the fact that, should any woman ever molest someone younger than them the media will do its best to portray them as a young girl who was confused, however if it were a black male it would be, an african american man, male, or young man, and they could be only 17 or 18, not to mention it was a brutal and malicious assault.

I cant stand the people on this site who sit around and complain about how hard they have it but allow me to compare, contrast and explain.

WOMEN get turned down for jobs and statistically make less than men because they can get pregnant or have debilitating cramps that wont allow them to work, thats not sexism, thats biology, if you were an owner of a successful business, would you be easilly ready to hire someone who could potentially call out once a month or be out for maternity leave, leaving an important spot in your company open, at that womens own personal whim of wanting a child? Or the man, who wont ever get pregnant or have to call out because of biological issues like those?

Black men: on the other hand are repeatedly turned down for jobs they qualify for, because of in house racism, stereotypes and racial ratios needing to be maintained, lets see, black males get turned down because there may be too many working there already and someone cant afford to seem prejudiced, they may be turned down because the manager has stereotypical issues with blacks, or just because the owner or hiring manager simply doesn’t like blacks, right at the door.

But hey, you might say “hey what about black WOMEN” im glad you asked

It’s no secret in any hood, slum ,ghetto, or whatever else you call it , that girls are always looking for somebody successful, so they can get pregnant by them and either A live off em, or B drag them down with em. But just so its not made to look like im a misogynist let’s take a look at the rights men and women in the black community have when it comes to kids.

First, if the kid DOES belong to the man, that man has two options should the mom choose to ask for child support, he can either be given a job if he doesnt already have one or go to jail if he doesnt want to pay, and typically due to the way court systems already look at black males we lose the battle for custody, so getting to keep your kid is shot to shit, and if the mother is vindictive, you can forget about being able to see him either.

Now lets talk about the female side if it is that fathers. Typically speaking black mothers choose to keep their babies but have the option of adoption or abortion, and only they do. If they want to abort it and the father wants to have his kid, well its her choice, her body tough luck guys even I dont find a problem with that. But if the wife doesnt wanna be with the father anymore or the father doesnt want the baby, and adoption aint on that mothers option list, chances are hes gonna be paying for it for 18 long years.

Now lemme take a break here to say typically speaking, its a well known fact in the hood that most people are just crabs in a bucket, dragging everyone down with em. This is especially true in the case of teenage prenancy because alot of my friends mhave been caught by vindictive or otherwise caniving women who didnt want to work and would rather live off child support. This is such a well known fact it doesnt have to be talked about it, every man woman and teen knows it, if you’re a man be careful who you fuck. And thats the end of it, if one of em gets you to impregnate em, game over unless you want that kid.

Now what if the man doesnt know if the kid is his or it isnt well, the wife has control of dna testing, and having it done without her consent is a criminal act, so again your rights to your child as a black man are fucked, but wait, guess who made up and potioned for that brilliant law? 3rd wave 1st world FEMINISTS. And who had a law shot down that would allow the man to have his child dna tested if he suspected infedelity 3rd wave 1st world FEMINISTS.

And its shit like this that bothers me, when my people wanted rights we didnt fight for rights that would allow us to hit whites or latinos and get less penalized then them for the exact same criminal act.

But feminists did

We didnt show up at white or latino rallys for better rights concerning the judicial systems so that things wouldnt be one sided

But feminists did

Nor did we ever promote a slogan that made one race or demographic of people look like they were born with a hidden desire to do evil like teach whites not to lynch.

But -well you see where this is going. Not only am I disgusted with the whiny nitpick people here on this site do, Im disgusted altogether with modern feminism and the little echo chamber its supporters live in, Id easilly die before I flat out said, womens lives are perfect, but I am tired of seeing them whine like they live life in constant turmoil, in fact, the only thing their movement really has ever done is at best like the least violent klan member, try to advocate for one side only while claiming its about equality, and at worst like the nazis persecuted a particular group and made them out as a scapegoat to forward un fair, biased, and flat out sexist policies.

I would seriously challenge anyone , to make me beleive that the typical women suffers more in todays society than I do as a black cis gynephilac male

To the three people who were wondering where I fucked off and died at.

I’m actually writing a story , not just any story, I wanna make a story with a black main character who actually is a character, more than just some token black dude who is black, and the hero, but thats it. Fuck Falcon and FUCK luke cage, static is okay, but my nigga miles is an actual character, he doesnt have to talk like he’s black, he just is, but thats doesnt make up WHO he is.

I wanna make a story with a character the black kid who didnt grow have to grow up in the city to show hes black. I want to make a story for the 13 year old me to look at and thank god theres is finally a character that isnt a thug, or a bum saved by whitey, just a regular ol black dude out to save the day because he has the power to do so.


Ya’ll talking about Robin Williams….Fuck Robin Williams, he decided kill himself, while young brothers and sisters getting murdered in cold blood by this fucking cops all over the county. I can’t believe the media is more concerned about that bullshit then whats really popping off out here. 
This a rough for a piece I’m about to do, haven’t decided on the medium yet. #ferguson #mikebrown #allthefallensoldiers #countless
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