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To the three people who were wondering where I fucked off and died at.

I’m actually writing a story , not just any story, I wanna make a story with a black main character who actually is a character, more than just some token black dude who is black, and the hero, but thats it. Fuck Falcon and FUCK luke cage, static is okay, but my nigga miles is an actual character, he doesnt have to talk like he’s black, he just is, but thats doesnt make up WHO he is.

I wanna make a story with a character the black kid who didnt grow have to grow up in the city to show hes black. I want to make a story for the 13 year old me to look at and thank god theres is finally a character that isnt a thug, or a bum saved by whitey, just a regular ol black dude out to save the day because he has the power to do so.


Ya’ll talking about Robin Williams….Fuck Robin Williams, he decided kill himself, while young brothers and sisters getting murdered in cold blood by this fucking cops all over the county. I can’t believe the media is more concerned about that bullshit then whats really popping off out here. 
This a rough for a piece I’m about to do, haven’t decided on the medium yet. #ferguson #mikebrown #allthefallensoldiers #countless

Guess I have some shit to essplain.

While most 17 year olds would be spending their time enjoying summer and doing what they want, tech, money, and school troubles all cought up with my ass at the same time, so i cannot promise you guys anything until at least september, with the occasional peice tossed between this and my nsfw tumblr every other sunday.

It aint nice, it aint pretty, it just is, sorry guys

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